Still Alive

Not sure anyone subscribes to the feed or not, but I am still alive! Work has been intense and I have had some other writing interests that have kept me from working on this one.

I have in the works an article on pesticides as well as what will hopefully be the last of my articles on aspartame, which will be a minute by minute analysis of the “Sweet Misery” anti-aspartame documentary.

According to the small number of people who have voted in the polls, the most desired topic is organic food. I cover that a bit in the pesticide topic, but I will try to find something that will keep me interested still. Obviously pesticides and nutrition are the biggies for organics, but I have already covered the nutrition aspect.

Will most likely be a couple of weeks until I have anything to show on any of them, however.

2 Responses

  1. Well, at least you have one reader.

    I had seen several of your previous post and they are very interesting. I hope you could get the time to write again soon.

    In the mean time, RSS will be looking for you whenever you click “Publish”

  2. Can’t wait for the next post. You at least have two readers 😉

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