Hi there. My name is Joshua DeWald. I am a software engineer trying to be an active and contributing member of the “Skeptic” community. For that, I write articles which try go into some depth into some claim and “what the science says” about it. Since I am not a doctor or research scientist, “the science” is really what the established authorities (FDA, CDC, etc) as well as published peer-reviewed (especially systematic reviews grouping larger bodies of papers) have to say on the topic. In the same vein as Wikipedia rules, I make no attempt at my own research unless it is a topic that I am actually qualified for.

Instead, I am really just trying to be another voice of reason bringing together accepted research of those who really know what they are doing. I take much inspiration from Brian Dunning of Skeptoid as well as the whole crew at Science-Based Medicine (who are actually all doctors).

Please call me out on it if you find parts in the articles where I am making statements above and beyond what the science is actually saying. I welcome any and all comments, as that is the only way I can make this thing better.

I can be reached at josh@40two.org

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