Latest batch of Skeptoid entries

Three more Friday entries since my last post:

Anatomy of a Weight Loss Site: Discusses common techniques of a weight loss supplement websites, and specifically refers to Sensaslim

MercolaWatch:Overreacting to chloramine in water: Part of a sort of “series” which are responses to specific articles (generally following their actual flow and headlines), this one discussing¬†controversy¬†over related to the addition of chloramine to water as a secondary disinfectant. In the end, I think the primary issue with Mercola’s article is his lack of balance. Why he does bring up some real issues, or things that do affect some percentage of people, who implies that “we don’t know” is the same as “it’s dangerous”

Consumer- and Skeptic-friendly FTC actions of 2012: Highlights some FTC actions (settlements, complaints) that I thought would be of interest to consumers and skeptics.


In other news, I have no been doing polyphasic sleep, but do plan on either getting back on it and sliding into just getting up earlier and earlier (which is what I’m trying now). It is still the early morning hours, before my family gets up, that I get most of my writing and hobby coding done.