blog Friday entries

I am currently (one of, I think) the Friday blogger for the blog on, which is pretty cool and for the most part I am posting the type of content that I would otherwise be posting here, just in slightly shorter form. While I do have another article for WDTSS brewing (part three of the Sweet Misery Fact Check), I haven’t worked on it in a while so have no idea when it might be done. 

I the mean time, anybody who subscribes to this should definitely head on over to the blog

My first two entries are:

Over-interpretation of studies in the anti-aspartame movement (response to an article on a link between leukemia and aspartame)

MercolaWatch:Mis-information about the Gardasil vaccine


Still Alive

Not sure anyone subscribes to the feed or not, but I am still alive! Work has been intense and I have had some other writing interests that have kept me from working on this one.

I have in the works an article on pesticides as well as what will hopefully be the last of my articles on aspartame, which will be a minute by minute analysis of the “Sweet Misery” anti-aspartame documentary.

According to the small number of people who have voted in the polls, the most desired topic is organic food. I cover that a bit in the pesticide topic, but I will try to find something that will keep me interested still. Obviously pesticides and nutrition are the biggies for organics, but I have already covered the nutrition aspect.

Will most likely be a couple of weeks until I have anything to show on any of them, however.